Demand Generation

Marketing, when it’s great, at its most effective, is the ultimate mix of art and science. But too many agencies overlook the science, developing creative they like and “hoping for the best.” It might be ego. It might be a lack of knowledge of the powerful tools that are out there, or a lack of skill to properly implement them.

Not RedShift. Here, data drives decisions. Our Demand Generation services are designed to produce meaningful and measurable results. That’s right—measurable. Marketing has a job to do, to drive business growth, and we have the tools, expertise, and proprietary system to continuously track the effectiveness of what we’re doing, the results it’s achieving. If the data shows that adjustments are needed, we have the agility to make the right changes quickly and cost-efficiently.

What is Demand Generation?

Demand Generation is a marketing approach that focuses on driving hyper-targeted traffic, generating quality leads, and making data-driven decisions at every stage. It’s how we tie marketing back to what really matters: sales and revenue. At RedShift, it’s important for us to show our clients how their marketing spend translates and contributes to the bottom line. With a slew of data at our fingertips, we can show you how your marketing dollars translate into:

for your brand

Visits to
your website

Qualified leads

Online sales

Demand Generation Tactics

You’ve noticed the world is moving faster than ever. Trends come and go in what seems like a blink, especially in digital marketing. One of our greatest strengths is keeping current with these trends, and seeing what’s coming on the horizon, so your demand generation strategy stays relevant and we can optimize those trends to your greatest advantage.

Google AdWords PPC

Google Adwords campaigns are a way to start driving results, right now. Pay-per-click marketing (or PPC marketing) is a way to zero in on prospects who are towards the end of the buyer’s journey. They are ready to take the next step in your sales cycle.

RedShift’s Google Adwords campaign management services have you up and running on Google Adwords and driving traffic to a landing page designed for your specific campaign within a few weeks.

When you partner with us to take on your PPC management, the first thing we do is go through a discovery process to understand your business, your industry’s competitive landscape, and your prospects.

Then we can begin putting the whole thing together. We craft your offer, design your landing page, and set up a follow-up email sequence.

We don’t just send your PPC traffic to a page on your website – that’s not effective.

We want to drive conversions and ROI for you, so we use targeted campaigns with dedicated landing pages and follow-up email sequences to help turn your prospects into paying customers.

Once we have the offer phase wrapped up, we take a hard look at your prospects and how they are searching for your products or services online. Where were they before getting to your site? Where are they going? What questions do they have and what are they looking for online as their solution?

Armed with this information we begin building out your Adwords campaign. We handle everything from targeting specific geographies, writing your ad copy, deciding on your bidding and placement strategy, using ad extensions, mapping out ad groups, utilizing negative keywords and setting up your conversion tracking.

Finally, we launch your campaign and begin monitoring your campaign activity. We keep an eye on things daily and adjust as needed as we gather more and more data from the campaign in progress.

After launch, we will continue to provide provide updates to you and your team, and have conversations to see how the campaign is impacting the business. We’ll also arm you with a real-time reporting dashboard, so you’ll always have a pulse on how your ads are performing.

Paid Social Media Ads

You can reach anyone on social media. Using Facebook advertising, Twitter ads and other paid social media ads, we can target people based on their demographics, interests and behaviors. Want to target middle-aged females who live near your store, drive an SUV and watch HGTV? No problem.

We’re experts in hyper-targeted social ads. We’re also experts in retargeting. We can serve up ads to your website visitors based on the pages they’ve visited. Think about it. If a customer visits your website, adds a product to their shopping cart, but never checks out, wouldn’t you like a second opportunity to get in front of them? Using retargeting ads on social media, we can do just that.

Facebook has grown from a social media site to a major marketing tool in recent years. Facebook’s ad platform is considered one of the best business marketing tools in the digital industry. The ads are affordable, the reach is wide, and the targeting options are endless.

Facebook’s sophisticated audience creation tools allows you to target users based on their:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

You can also create custom audiences to target using your:

  • Email lists
  • Website visitors
  • Social media engagements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Mobile app engagements

Conversion Rate Optimization

The most important aspect of Demand Generation is constantly analyzing the data and using it to continuously improve campaigns and website conversion rates. We want to capitalize on all of the traffic you get online. If something is not working, we need to be able to change on a dime.

Sometimes we make small changes that make a big impact. Swapping headlines, changing button colors, moving around elements. These little changes add up for a big impact in converting more and more visitors into leads.

Sometimes we need a complete overhaul. We need to find the best offers that are going to get your audience excited, and we need to create campaigns from the ground up.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what your website and campaign data tells us, and what is most valuable to your target customer. We’re continually optimizing to make your marketing efforts more productive and profitable month over month.

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