How to Start a Brand on a Budget – Digital Marketing Bootstrapping Basics

Recently, a family member asked how he should start up a personal training business online. Should he buy a domain, create a website, write blogs, create eBooks… well, the ideas kept flowing, but we’ll cut it off there.  My first follow up question was, “How much money do you have to invest in marketing today?”  […]

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Get Your Website Noticed (For The Right Reasons)

Driving website traffic is a top marketing initiative for well, any business that has a website! More website traffic creates more opportunities for businesses to generate solid leads and see real results. With that said, many businesses haven’t quite figured out how to leverage their website to generate these leads. One of the biggest reasons […]

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Marketing Challenges Your Marketers Face on a Daily Basis

“Developing highly effective marketing campaigns. Brilliantly targeting ideal customers. Making it all happen on time and under budget. That’s just a day in the career of a standout marketing director.”  – Robert Half Unless you have experienced it first hand, it may be difficult for you to fully understand what goes on behind the scenes […]

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