Are You Getting Leads from Search Engines?

Are prospects able to Google your company's product or service and find your business?
Does your company routinely see new leads come from your website?
Does your company have a search engine optimization strategy in place? 
If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may be putting your business at risk!


The World of Digital Marketing is Changing
Investing in a well thought out and proactive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy has become essential to keep your business alive and well.
Yellow Pages are Dead

The days of someone turning to the Yellow Pages to find help solving a problem are over. We now turn to search engines to help us answer almost any question that pops into our head.

Search engines like Google and Bing have become our go-to source to know...


The Foundation to Getting Your Business Found

By helping search engines understand the context of your content, we not only answer the important questions that your potential customers are looking to solve, but help them find it. We treat search engines like any other user looking to answer a question.

In order to be found, you not only need to have a solid strategy in place, but you need to make sure you have executed all of the fundamentals.

We start with the essential & fundamental SEO elements of improving any website before moving on to advanced tactics. Your business needs a good foundation before we can build and scale.

What Do Our Clients Think of Us?


The RedShift SEO Process

What You Can Expect


Why should our team work with RedShift?
Our team spends the time to analyze, understand, and give you a strategy we believe will bring the best benefit to your situation. No market or industry is the same, so why should your SEO plan be?


Common Questions

Jess Jaunty
Current content marketer, 
soon-to-be Incarnation of Seething Despair
I’m just thrilled with the results my relic has produced. Not only has it generated a ton of new business, it’s enabled me to completely obliterate my competition. Literally! Ha ha ha ha!
Eric Enigma
Custom Tortoiseshell PC Case Crafstman
I knew that this memento of bygone darkness could be used to unlock incredible marketing potential, but I wasn’t prepared for just how effective it is! No, really. I wasn’t. I’m still not.
Step 1 - Onboarding
During the onboarding phase we will ask you to help us answer some key questions about your business through a questionnaire. Don’t worry, it will only take about 20 minutes of your time to give us valuable insights to guide our success.
Step 2 - Audit & Understand
After we can understand some of your history, we jump right into auditing past SEO performance. We plug your Google Analytics and Search Console data into a specialized tool set to help us filter out the noise and focus on the areas that matter
Step 3 - Keyword Research & Optimization
Keyword research & optimization improvements start the campaign process as we build out plans to improve core pages of your existing site, and create a content plan to drive organic traffic.
Step 4 - Content Expansion
Expanding content on your site to set your business up as the subject matter expert is a key to SEO growth. Search engines, like users, look for expertise and authority they can trust.
Step 5 - Report & Iterate

Every month we’ll report on progress and build in the right direction.






How do you charge for your services?
We use a points-based pricing system. We have a fixed price for each part of our process, so you always know what to expect. No hourly rates that can go over what you originally planned for.
I'm worried about Google penalties. How do you protect against that?
A majority of our process is actually on-page SEO, so there's no need to worry about an algorithm affecting the site negatively. We spend more time focusing on the getting the essentials right - your foundation / platform. We get the platform optimized, and then move on to a larger promotion strategy.
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