Our Philosophy

Creating the gravitational pull that draws customers to your brightest star—your brand

How do we see the digital marketing world? We see it as a five-stage mission to draw customers to your brand and convert them into sales or leads. It’s not always easy. Fortunately, at RedShift we have it down to a science, with each mission thoughtfully planned, carefully timed, and skillfully executed. In brief, this is how it works…


Each marketing journey begins with the consumer. Complete understanding of your consumer, knowing who they are at every level, is crucial to your success. At RedShift, our first order of business is spending plenty of time with the client in learning about their target audience. This goes well beyond demographics and into psychology and behaviors that determine your customer’s decisions. What are their pain points, what are their goals, and what drives them to choose one product or service over another?

We build out a “Buyer’s Persona,” a detailed, multi-dimensional model of your ideal customer based on market research and data about your existing customers. As we’re developing this, we begin to plan the “Buyer’s Journey,” the process all consumers go through in traveling from Awareness, through Consideration, and finally to Decision.


After developing a comprehensive understanding of the consumer, next is building a platform. It must be solid, as every marketing effort will be launched from here. The platform includes a compelling brand with a consistent message, a fully optimized website, and active, engaging social media channels. Your brand and your online assets will be perfectly aligned, creating a reaction that ignites a charged, exciting campaign.


With a solid foundation secured, we begin creating dynamic content. Blogs, downloads, videos, print—each designed to meet the needs, satisfy the cravings, and pique the interest of the ideal consumer we now understand so well. The content will answer your target audience’s questions, inspire them to want to know more, and guide them through the buyer’s journey.


Content, no matter how compelling, is useless if your audience doesn’t see it. Noise, clutter, and quickly expanding media options make it easier than ever for content and messages to get lost. At RedShift, we target…and we promote. With our expert analysis of data from a reliable, curated array of sources, we implement pinpoint promotion through social media, email marketing, paid ads, and public relations. These promotional channels are chosen for maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency.


The last stage of the RedShift marketing mission is conversion. Frankly, this is one that so many agencies overlook. We don’t know why, because this is the one that can exert that final gravitational pull to convert your website visitors into leads or sales. There are myriad of ways to convert visitors, and we will customize recommendations based on your goals and your buyer’s persona. We might recommend offering things such as free consultations, free samples, checklist downloads, exclusive video content. If it inspires your customers to share their email address with you, that part of the mission is a success.

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